RailRoadRulesTraining.com LLC.

           Training Railroad Employees in GCOR

Welcome to RailRoadRulesTraining.com the greatest company  for

railroad rules training.  The only railroad training organization that

offers a money back guarantee for General Code of Operating Rules

(GCOR) training which meets the Federal requirements found in the

Code  of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49 parts 217, 218, 232, 240,

and 242.  As Operating Practices safety inspectors for the Federal

Railroad Administration (FRA) we saw how difficult it was for short line

and start up railroads to properly train their employees  within the

guide lines of Federal Regulations.

Is your railroad in compliance with the mandatory employee rules training regulations?  The Federal Railroad Administration is inspecting for compliance with the above regulations that may affect you and your employees.  Non-compliance fines could exceed $13,000 per person.  We can help you stay in compliance with Federal Regulations. 

We specialize in General Code of Operating Rules, GCOR Training

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